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Improve efficiency and drinking water access in Vietnam
Holland Water Supply Company (Howaco) is the unique combination of a Vietnamese WSC with a varied knowledge of Dutch drinking water treatment technologies, monitoring and control systems, operation and maintenance and Non Revenue Water (NRW) reduction. We are the only private party WSC member in the Vietnamese Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA). Within 10 years Howaco accomplished to build and operate 2 water treatment plants in Can Giuoc District, Long An Province to serve 25.000 people and 3 Industrial Zones with good quality drinking water 24/7. Besides, we have designed and built many water treatment plants in the Mekong Delta and Central Vietnam based on Dutch and Indonesian innovative, efficient technologies. We are specialized in ground water treatment without chemical dosing: iron, manganese, ammonia and arsenic, surface water treatment, Reverse Osmosis and mobile water treatment systems. Together with our Dutch Partners like Vitens Evides International great results are achieved in NRW reduction for Da Nang and Saigon WSC. With our Dutch knowhow, experienced skilled local employees and extensive network in both worlds Howaco is able to provide local customers high quality services from source to tap at low lifecycle costs. We have experience, knowhow and network to provide local WSC’s the international tools to make their water supply services more efficient and create more, better and reliable drinking water for their customers. Read more...





Smart solution to clean water need: Bringing Dutch technologies to serve the low income

Within 1 year with the awarded financial support of VBCF Howaco increased affordable clean water access to 2,485 households in the rural area of Can Giuoc Dist. Long An Province. More than 60% of the beneficiaries are low income families who used to fetch water from polluted sources or had to buy bottled water against incredible high prices. To increase and improve water supply for 12.000 people Howaco had to: + Double the capacity of the two existing water treatment plants from 2.900 m3/day to 5.800 m3/day; + Install an extra filtration step to remove manganese to achieve the water quality from QCVN02 2009/byt to the highest standard QCVN01 2009/byt; + Extend the distribution network and install 2,485 new watermeters; + Develop and install a SCADA system for both water treatment plants to improve operational efficiency. Howaco also educated children at 5 primary schools in the communities about the importance of using clean water and saving water. Our project was chosen as one of the most successful and was presented in a video to His Royal Highness Willem Alexander at the 50th anniversary of SNV in The Hague. Please watch the video on youtube: Click here