Asian Development Bank (ABD)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Friday 25 April saw the official signing of a new two-year contract between Vitens Evides International and Sawaco, the water company in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). It is the first contract to be signed in the context of a major loan (of one billion dollars) by the Asian Development Bank to Vietnam. The purpose of the loan is to improve the supply of drinking water in forty cities.
In the next few years Sawaco intends to develop a more structured approach towards Non Revenue Water among the distribution companies. It is also planning to introduce a robust network management. The primary purpose of the project is to assist Sawaco as Care Taker, as well in the areas of central water distribution or DCC and asset management.

To carry out the project, VEI works together with Howaco, the company of the local partner Truong Ngo. He spent many years working for Vitens and now has his own company in Vietnam.

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