Holland Water Supply Company Limited (HOWACO) is a local private water supply company (WSC) in Vietnam. The company was established in 2005 with our first water treatment plant (WTP) in Truong Binh commune, Can Giuoc Dist., Long An Province. This milestone was quite unique for a private company among a Government controlled drinking water sector.
Now, Howaco operates the 2 WTP’s Tan Kim and Truong Binh with the total capacity of 6.000 m3/day. The company serves 24/7 save and affordable drinking water to 27.000 people and 3 industrial zones. Creating clean water access for the community improved healthcare and helped the economic growth.
Both WTP’s are designed according to Dutch efficient green ground water treatment technology. The water supply system is SCADA operated and has the lowest non revenue water (NRW) rate among the Vietnamese water companies. The distribution system of both WTP’s are connected and both WTP’s have their own generator to secure water supply 24/7. The Howaco staff are trained by Dutch experts in different skills almost every year to innovate and maintain our excellent performances.

Through the years we have created an extensive portfolio and business cases such as:
– Iron and manganese removal without chemical consumption
– Ammonium treatment removal without consumption
– Arsenic removal without chemical consumption
– Reverse Osmosis
– Ion Exchange
– Surface water treatment
– Rehabilitation technology
– Bottled drinking water
– Non Revenue Water reduction
– Well regeneration
– Cleaning of distribution systems
– Maintenance software
At the moment we are piloting hardness removal and mobile water treatment systems.

The Dutch/ Vietnamese culture in the company is our strength to innovate and create a bridge not only to improve ourselves but also to share our experiences with other local water companies. This is also the reason why a private water company as Howaco can join the larger water companies in the South Vietnam Water and Sewerage Association (VWSA). As a local water company with an international background we feel the responsibility to add value to the Vietnamese drinking water sector.