1. Vitens Water Supply Company

Vitens is the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands. Vitens collaborates with Howaco through VEI.  The Director of Howaco Ngo Xuan Truong MSc. comes from Vitens and worked there for 20 years.


2. Vitens Evides International

Vitens Evides International is a cooperation between the two largest water companies of the Netherlands: Vitens and Evides waterbedrijf. Howaco has been the local consultant partner of VEI since VEI started in Vietnam in 2006. The collaboration succeeded in the Utility Support Program financed by the Dutch embassy, operation and maintenance management contract from the ADB and more to improve drinking water supply in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and the Mekong Delta Soc Trang and Tra Vinh Provinces. Howaco’s key involvement was in the NRW reduction program and design and construction of a 10.000 m3/ day water treatment plant in the Mekong Delta.Howaco also supervised all the Water for Life projects for VEI in Vietnam.


3. PWN Technologies

In 2008 subsidized by the Partners for Water Fund PWN Technologies and Howaco installed the first Perfector surface water treatment plant in Vietnam. The Perfector started with the capacity of 5.000 m3/day to supply clean water to 30.000 people in the Mekong Delta. It was upgraded in 2011 to the capacity of 10.000 m3/day. The upgrade was invested from the revolving fund  principal.


4. Comlink BV

Comlink is the developer of an asset management, maintenance software program named BopV5. The software is applied globally and also by some water companies. Comlink has entered the Vietnam market with Howaco as the local partner.  The maintenance of Tan Kim and Truong Binh Water Treatment Plant are supported by BopV5. Under the Sustainable Water Fund project BopV5 is also implemented at Soc Trang and Tra Vinh Water Supply Company. BopV5 has been translated in Vietnamese by Howaco so that every Vietnamese Operator or Maintenance team can easily use the software.


5. Stichting Water is our World

SWOW is a Dutch non-governmental organization. The organization supports water projects worldwide with expertise and equipment.  SWOW are closely involved in the evolution of Howaco’s Tan Kim and Truong Binh water treatment plant since 2005 till now. The SWOW experts come from water supply company Vitens and are specialized in every aspect of drinking water from source to tap. Besides supporting in the design and construction of both plants, SWOW regularly trains Howaco staff to improve skills and systems to keep up with the international world.


6. Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association

Howaco is the only private water supply company who is member of the South Vietnam VWSA. In the VWSA all provincial water supply companies are affiliated. Howaco is closely involved in the VWSA meetings, website, magazine, seminars and other events to share our international experiences, innovative technology and operation and maintenance skills with the colleague water companies.